The Chianina breed

The Chianina, an ancient breed that dates back to Umbro-Etruscan times, has been raised in Umbria Tuscany and Latium for over twenty-two centuries. It has porcelain-white coat with slate-grey skin and black pigmentation around the natural orifices. Its head is light and expressive and it has short horns. The Chianina has a long cylindrical trunk with a thick wide back and loins, a broad horizontal rump, long convex-shaped thighs and buttocks, a solid but lightweight skeletal structure and correct perpendicularity. Calves are wheat-coloured at birth, but by the age of three-four months their coat turns to the colour typical of this breed.

In this breed, which is renowned for its excellent body size, calving is completely spontaneous - even for calves weighing up to 50 kg - thanks to the Chianina's typical dolichomorphic structure. Cows weigh an average of 800-900 kg and weight can often go as high as 1000kg. The most famous Chianina bulls have reached truly outstanding sizes of up to 1700kg in weight, with a height of two meters at the withers. Growth potential in the best subjects can exceed two kg a day.

Chianina beef is famous for its excellence as well as its good nutritional value. Ideal slaughter weight is 650-700 kg for a yield of 64-65%.

Chianina in Sweden

We, Eskil and Ing-Mari Abrahamsson and our three children sold our Holstein dairy herd in July 2000. The first pure Chianina where born in our farm in December 2001. It is extremely difficult to import live cattle to Sweden, so we bought some embryos and semen from A.N.A.B.I.C. in Italy. Our first embryos gave us four bulls. We bought some more and got in January 2003 four heifers and one bull. 

We used the semen for crossbreeding on Charolais, Limousine, Hereford, Angus and Simmental. In April 2003 our first crossbreeding bulls classified at slaughter: U 3, yield 60%, 14 months old, carcass 400 kg. For more detailed information  click here  choose between the diffrent years and get more detailed infomation about the slaughterresult.

Three of our four pure Chianina heifers calved 2005 and recieved three Chianina bulls. Father of the calves are Mandrillo and Nurso. The plan for the future is to flush our pure Chianina to get embryos, to sell or use ourselves. Recently we flushed 924 Dea and got embryos. Father of the embryos is Mandrillo. For pedigree of the mother click here. For information about the father  click here. If you are interested to buy just contact us! 

We also sell semen to other interested farmers and pure bulls for breeding.

Please contact us if you want to know more about Chianina in Sweden. Visitors are always welcome!  

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